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General Consultancy Services

As specialists in capital gains tax ('CGT') we have advised on numerous CGT issues but in recent years advice on CGT entrepreneurs' relief has grown to the point where it now represents over 80% of the consultancy work undertaken.

  • Provider of specialist CGT advice including guidance on the new rules regarding the taxation of liquidation distributions.
  • Support to accountants and solicitors.
  • Well known as a tax adviser in areas of capital gains & inheritance tax.
  • Handles disputes  with HMRC.
  • Provides expert opinions on CGT matters.

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Entrepreneurs' Relief Advice

Following the introduction of CGT entrepreneurs’ relief by Finance Act 2008 Kevin Slevin, principal, has taken a major role in helping the tax profession to understand the intricacies of this important and very valuable relief.

  • He has lectured extensively to events organised by professional bodies, 
  • Is the author of the leading loose-leaf guide for practitioners on the topic,
  • Has participated as an active member of HMRC's CGT Liaison Committee, and 
  • Is recognised by many tax specialists as the leading independent expert on the subject of entrepreneurs' relief.

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Tax Publications

Slevin Associates publications are designed for busy tax practitioners.

Each publication addresses a particular area of relevance to professional advisers and seeks to improve readers’ understanding of the UK tax system.

The most popular publication is Slevin’s Guide to Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

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How we work

We specialise in advising firms of accountants and solicitors in general practice on their clients’ tax issues. It may be that advice is required in advance of a transaction taking place or general tax planning advice may be called for. (We do not advise upon contrived tax avoidance schemes and nor do we market such products.) We also give objective expert opinions concerning situations where there is an existing dispute with HMRC. Where we feel HMRC’s arguments should continue to be challenged we can give detailed advice and guidance on the matter.

Before undertaking an assignment to advise we will issue an ‘Engagement Letter’ which sets out the nature and extent of the assignment in question and also the terms and conditions under consultancy services can be provided. In particular, this letter will contain details of the professional fees being incurred as a result of the assignment to be carried out. We will also request such client identification documents as may be required under the Money Laundering provisions.

Our purpose is to provide the level of taxation advice required in any given set of circumstances. We pride ourselves as to the specialist nature of the work we undertake. Given the degree of specialisation we are quite happy to receive details of a proposed assignment with a view to establishing whether the advice required falls within the scope of work undertaken by Slevin Associates. This also helps us to provide potential clients with an indication of the fees likely to be incurred should we be instructed to proceed in the matter.

Once instructed, we can advise by telephone, in meetings or by providing a written report. Advice may include the drafting of letters to be sent to HMRC on a particular matter. We can also write direct to HMRC where instructed to do so.