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General Consultancy Services

Slevin Associates is the provider of specialist taxation advice and support to accountants and solicitors seeking guidance on their clients' taxation affairs.

Advice is offered only where it is felt that Slevin Associates can make a valuable contribution to resolving the situation under consideration. By adopting this approach we sometimes recommend that an alternative advisor is contacted, e.g. where it is felt that they may have greater experience in a particular area. We do not advise on value added tax ('VAT') aspects of transactions and neither do we advise on Stamp Duty or Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Well known as a tax adviser in areas of capital gains tax and inheritance tax, Kevin Slevin also handles tax disputes involving income tax and corporation tax matters. 

Seeking Advice

Slevin Associates no longer takes instructions directly from the business community or members of the general public. Instructions are only accepted from professionally qualified practitioners. First, on a strictly confidential basis, a detailed brief setting out the matter on which advice is sought is produced to Slevin Associates by the instructing party. Such a brief should include all material information and background documents (e.g. copies of the business accounts and associated tax returns and other documents such as partnership agreements, settlement deeds, minutes of meetings, etc).

After examining the brief - and possibly requesting more information - a fee indication will be given to the instructing party. If the fee indicated is accepted we will proceed to issue an Engagement Letter setting out our full terms and conditions of business. This letter will include consideration of the necessary Money Laundering client identification procedures.

We mainly advise on issues arising in respect of small and medium-sized enterprises (so-called SMEs) - be they business carried on by sole traders, partnerships or companies. In formulating our advice we strive to have regard to both the wider picture and the practicalities. Each solution put forward is expected to ‘make sense’ in the real world with the ‘tax tail’ never being allowed to wag the 'tax dog'!

Fees to be charged reflect the specialist nature of the consultancy work undertaken.

Technical Disputes with HMRC

Most commonly advising on one-off situations, Slevin Associates’ advice includes not only tax planning but also the handling of technical disputes with HMRC and also the handling of technically driven investigation cases.

Indeed, we have recently been exploring HMRC's Alternative Dispute Resolution ('ADR') facility and early indications are that this may a prove useful way of advancing cases even if achieves no more than allowing the taxpayer and his advisers to fully understand HMRC’s position as regards a particular scenario.

Discuss a case over the phone

If you are an accountant or solicitor and you would like to discuss a case in outline, why not phone Kevin Slevin to see how Slevin Associates may be able to assist.

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